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We are a small, family operated kennel located in Southern New Hampshire. A few years ago my best friend and I became intrigued and fascinated with the Olde English Bulldogge. We both knew from the start that we wanted to create a bulldog which no one had. Here at Blue Collar Bullies, we have made it a point to set the standard higher than everyone else. Through a selective breeding process, we hope to achieve these tasks. First and foremost, we are breeding for health and temperament; we feel these two aspects go hand-and-hand. Our second task is to create the “wow” factor; we want our Bullies to have correct structure, massive head type, extreme bone, athleticism, courage and pride.

Our Bullies are a huge part of our everyday lives; they are not just dogs, but rather family members. They have brought so much joy and happiness to my family. In our home, socialization is a main focus that we take very seriously. From an early age, our Bulldogges are introduced to adults and children and are given routine walks through our neighborhood, which allows them to become comfortable in a different environment. When you get a Bulldogge from Blue Collar Bullies, you are guaranteed a healthy and loyal family companion along with security that he or she will protect your family with their life. Enjoy the website and please feel free to contact us at bluecollarbullies@gmail.com with any questions.


Chris Medeiros & Scott Hazelton

Owners of Blue Collar Bullies 

Blue Collar Bullies Vision

It’s been a long road here at Blue Collar Bullies with alot of ups and downs but thru hard work and dedication both Scott and myself feel we have started to establish consistency and now we have the right dogs to bring our breeding program to the next level. Over the past few years we have paired up dogs that we thought would bring us closer to our goal, with the simple intention to produce the best stock. The real challenge, in the beginning of a breeding program, is being able to evaluate each litter and trying to find the perfect pup in each litter. But the most important part of a successful breeding program is patience. It’s crucial to allow the young dogs to develop because these bulldogges go through different stages. We have become fascinated with developing bulldogges that have “insane” muscle, great structure, athletic ability and most important, good health. Here are a few dogs that we will be breeding in 2012;
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dscn3070  dscn2416


Here are some recent awards Blue Collar Bullies has taken home."Puppies are here 9-14-12 we have 6 females and 2 males BluecollarBullies Storm x Heavy Duties Juice
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Our Boy JJ leaping over a 4ft fence at a 130 pounds                                   

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    dscn3020 dscn3021 dscn3023

  odin new 010 img_2889-4




Check Out A Few Pics From A Recent Show


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